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欲望 ("desire")

Desire has many meanings, especially in this year of COVID-19. Desire to be with other people. Desire to eat inside a restaurant. Desire to travel. Desire to feel someone else's touch. Desire to find love. Desire to not having to wear a mask (but please wear one).

What do you desire most?

I decided to create a few pieces that focus on "desire". These 2 pieces focus on desire for the opposite sex (or the same sex). The model is someone who follows me on Instagram from Kyoto, Japan. She took these photos herself and I was able to turn them into these beautiful pieces.

欲望 ("desire") @2020 Michael Dewhirst

欲望2 ("desire ii") @2020 Michael Dewhirst

As an addition to this series I created a women's Dickies coveralls that I custom painted with the same "欲望" stencil. I am looking forward to shooting a model in these coveralls sometime next year.

@2020 Michael Dewhirst

I will try and post more on here in 2021. I have started a bunch of new pieces during the year of COVID-19. Until then, I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season and new year filled with renewed desires.

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