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Church Organ

©Michael Dewhirst

I found this decrepit old organ in a barn here in New Jersey and I just knew I had to create a shoot around it. It took a while but, I was able to find the perfect model for this shoot, Lizz Sooy. Liz is a great artist in her own right: a singer, musician, actor, and a model (go follow her)

On a warm Fall day, we met at the barn in Central New Jersey and created some beautiful images. One of the images I submitted to a small photographers publication, 256 Photo, and they selected it for their July 2021 issue. It was nice to have someone interested in publishing one of my photos. I like to share my work but never thought I would see anything published.

This was one of my all time favorite shoots. I uploaded a few other image from this shoot into my photography portfolio on my site if you wanted to check them out.

And thank you Lizz, 256 Photo and everyone for your support and interest in my work.

©Michael Dewhirst

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