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Love Kills Slowly

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

And sometimes quickly. LOL

How many of us remember the Ed Hardy brand? I had a pair of sneakers with his skull and "Love Kills Slowly" saying on them. So, I took that memory and created my own version of it. I started with some small hand cut stencils that I used to create a very limited number of t-shirts, jeans and shorts. (I still have a few if you want something let me know.)

Men's Large, Women's Small V-Neck, Women's XS Thermal and Women's Boyfriend jeans size 0
Love Kills Apparel from DewhirstArt

From there I made a larger version of the stencil to fit on a 24x36 canvas. I was going to do the lips as a stencil also but then decided to use a pair I lips I had scanned from an old love note, and yes that love killed very slowly ;-). I really liked how distressed and broken the lips came out. I then painted over them a few times with some translucent spray paint.

Then came the moment to add the words. I love hand cutting stencils because they never come out perfect. I usually spray paint my words on the canvases, but this time I elected to use a foam roller and acrylic paint. It went on nice and thick and then I added my special "magic dust" to make it reflective when the light hits it just right, just like love.

"LKS" @2021 Michael Dewhirst

Just so you know I really don't think love kills, I think we as humans kill love or at least loose sight of what love is really about. That is just my opinion as I think about it right now. What do I know? But hope you enjoy this piece as much as I do.

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