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London Calling

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

I know I just did a post about making a one-off T-shirt, but I have been experimenting with relief printing of manhole, gas and water covers and thought why not do a couple in London!? So i was able to do 2 really good ones (see image of one of them), one not so great but hey it was worth the effort. I tried to do them where/when no one was around but it seemed a guy on his knees rolling paint/ink over the side walk is odd and people want to know what you are doing. It was pretty cool when they saw the finished product I heard things like “that is really cool“ or “I should of payed closer attention becuase that is original” lol. Thankfully I did not get arrested. #london #reliefprinting #tshirt #arteverywhere #makeart

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