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Oh Brigitte Where ART Thou?

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Well it has been a while and I have been quite busy with work and creating some new pieces.

This piece started out pretty basic with an image transfer onto a canvas with some spray paint. I loved the large halftone dots but it started to feel too basic. I added a stencil of 1969 since the image was from the 1969 issue of Playboy that Brigite Bardot was in (which I bought off Ebay, lol). But I still wasn't happy with it. So I just started using more transparent spray paint from Montana Cans, some water in a spray bottle and just keep adding color. I really like where it was going. Added some oil crayon and finished it up with some small spots of gold leaf that I took some sandpaper to to make it feel more distressed. Finished it up with some gloss varnish. Hope you guys like it.

Title: "BB ‘69"

30x48 Canvas

Image transfer, spray, oil crayon, gold leaf and gloss vanish

@2019 Michael Dewhirst

@2019 Michael Dewhirst

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